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Premium Small Business Accounting New Zealand

Whether you run a small or medium business in Auckland or the whole of New Zealand, you can be sure we will be able to assist you with all your accounting and taxation needs.

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Your Personal Tax Accountant Auckland

Two main tax accounting issues facing people in businesses are the yearly tax returns and the GST returns that need to be filed on time. Citywide Accountants is your new one-stop-shop for all things accounting.

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Specialised Property Accountant Services Auckland

At Citywide Accountants are specialised property accountants in Auckland. We are property investors ourselves and have been in the game for a long time, so we will be able to help you no matter the property situation you find yourself in.

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Tax services for Overseas New Zealanders

At Citywide Accountants, we work with many New Zealand emigrants who have permanently or temporarily moved to another country and still have business tax or property tax obligations in New Zealand.

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Why choose CityWide Accountants Auckland?

At Citywide Accountants, we specialise in providing friendly, personalised accounting and New Zealand IRD tax compliance services. We focus on small business property investing and self-employed tax accounting.

  • Citywide Accountants can assist businesses with accounts reconciliation, year-end journals and taxation services and we take care of all necessary financial statements for companies, partnerships, trusts, sole traders/individuals.
  • You can trust us to take care of your end of year accounting matters. We will provide all relevant movement work to ensure your records are up to date. At Citywide Accountants, we are certified Xero advisors and are Xero agents in New Zealand, and can assist you in setting up Xero Accounting Software New Zealand for maximum benefit.
  • Citywide Accountants look after clients doing business in a wide range of industries. We can also support you with the company’s formation and structuring, as well as with related New Zealand tax (IRD) business advice. We have small business accounting clients who will be happy to talk to you on how our services helped their business.
  • Being property investors in New Zealand ourselves, when it comes to property, Citywide Accountants are specialists in property tax and can evaluate existing portfolios and new additional investments.
  • We also have extensive Rental Property Accounting experience, with ourselves and our client base owning properties all over New Zealand. As an active member of the Auckland Property Investors Association, we keep ourselves updated on the changes in the property asset protection area and property accounting information.
  • We also have New Zealand tax returns, property accounting and business accounting for clients in other parts of New Zealand and worldwide, working with them via phone, email, and Skype.

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We are Certified Xero Advisors

At Citywide Accountants, we use New Zealand Xero Accounting Software. This is simple cloud-based accounting software for New Zealand business that will save you time and money.

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About us: CityWide Accountants

Welcome to Citywide Accountants Auckland, where we specialize in Accounting and Tax Services for Small and Medium Businesses as well as for Property Developers and Investors. We work from Auckland doing NZ accounting for national and international clients.

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Specialised Property Accountant Services Auckland

Gerard is an active member of the Auckland Property Investors Association. His passion for property investment means that we are always staying up to date with what is going on in the property and property accounting world.

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