Accounting Cost and Pricing

The pricing of a set of accounts is very individual and depends on many factors. Our Accounting services are priced according to the amount of time that it takes to deliver the service. Therefore the pricing table below should only be used as a guideline.

 Accounting in any form is a service that requires precision. We will discuss the expected turnaround time with you, and we will ensure your accounts and reports are done on time. Quality accounting is what we guarantee.

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Pricing Guideline Table

Self Employed


Not GST Registered:

From $995 pa

GST Registered:


From $995 + gst pa


+ GST preparation fees



GST Registered

Small to Medium:

From $995 pa (*)

+ GST preparation fees


Medium to Larger:


From $1750  pa (*)

+ GST preparation fees


Property Investors

Individuals*, Not GST Registered

1 - 2 Properties:

From $995 pa (*)

3 - 5 Properties:


From $1480 pa (*)

6+ Properties:

From $1750 pa (*)

(*) Extra Xero fees may apply,

Above  rates apply for residential investment

All prices are including 1 or 2 Personal Tax Returns with related business income and basic interest or dividend income.  

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We do tax and accounting work for all New Zealand based companies and individuals. Our Accountant office in Manukau, Auckland delivers accounting services  for clients in Botany, Takanini, South Auckland, West Auckland and North Auckland. We do the New Zealand accounting for clients based overseas in Australia, UK and all over the world with New Zealand assets. Accountant pricing in New Zealand Accountants do quite a lot of work, a lot more than the basic tax and compliance work that they are generally associated with. Good accountants can offer you a range of extremely useful services. Time to have a bit of a discussion about Auckland accountant prices in New Zealand. Your accountant can provide you with a lot of important extra services, we will name a few below: The accountant Consultant As your accountant consultant in NZ, we can help you by giving you strategic advice regarding the setup or running of your business and suggesting ways by which you can save more money or boost revenue in your business/company.

The accountant structurer We can also give you advise on admin tasks and help you to eliminate administrative tasks that tend to distract you from the core of your business. With a competent bookkeeper in charge of administrative duties, you would be able to focus on other major tasks in your business confidently, and with less distraction. As your Auckland based accountant we can oversee this and can advice to structure your company and the accounts in the most beneficial way your Manurewa based accountant for business in New Zealand and your accountant of choice for property investing we look at both sides of the story!  Structuring can be used for reducing New Zealand tax, using the correct New Zealand tax structures can optimize your profit, without losing the asset protection and personal liability protection through using the correct New Zealand legal structuring and tax beneficial structures. The accountant budgetter When running a business, you need a plan. A ship without rudder just floats in any direction the wind will push it. Your accountant can help you in maximizing your efforts based on results and his experience in your industry. Gerard has a massive experience as a New Zealand business accountant.

accounting cost and pricing guideline

Give Gerard a call on 09 266 8379 to discuss how his experience as a New Zealand business accountant can attribute to your business profit!

Gerard and Rachel, your friendly and personal auckland based accounting team.

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The accountant planner After the budgets have been determined, the accountant can help you in discussing the best way forward. Accounting, together with marketing , pricing and planning, production optimalisation

So what do you pay for in our Accounting Service pricing: Obviously, these services cannot be provided for free. The prices we quote for our accounting  services Auckland will vary, and you should naturally expect that getting quality accountant support attracts a fair price. Apart from our accountant’s experience, training and dedication to diliver great service, there are other factors that generally affect accountant prices. For us, we have qualified accountants in the background that guarantee quality service, and we believe that our prices fairly reflect the quality of our work. With accounting services, it ca be a classic case of “you get what you pay for”. If you’re going cheap, you should probably lower any excessively high expectations. A good accountant will be looking for ways to save you money and help to look for ways to minimize your New Zealand taxes (IRD). As a potential client, you should know that we sell time. This means that our Accounting services are priced according to the amount of time that it takes to deliver the service. The longer it takes for us to deliver a service for you, no matter how minute it may seem, the more it would cost. Generally, we reserve the right to provide free accounting consultancy in our Manurewa office, or over the phone from our Auckland Accountants office if it lasts for a period less than a few minutes. If the discussion goes longer, or we need to do some IRD tax accounting research we will give you a quote what this accounting service would cost. There is a limited number of hours in a day, and an even more limited number of working hours. The only way that we can make profit as a business and deliver you a great accounting service is by monetizing our working hours. We are a huge believer in fair exchange of our accounting service.

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Now, when you approach us and ask for a quote or price to do your New Zealand Accounts, we require some information from you before we can provide one. It is impossible to state the value of a service before we have enough information about everything you need and estimate the time doing your accounts will cost our Auckland Accounting office. Depending on the nature of the service that you require, you may need to provide some records or some other financial information. Additionally, you should note that prices are subject to fluctuations. Just like any market, there are factors that may cause a service to become more expensive, or cheaper over time. We will endeavor to keep our accounting pricing at the lowest level for the best possible accounting service. We can suggest savings to your NZ accounting costs by giving you a spreadsheet to complete your account in, so we need to spend less time ourselves. Or as a Xero agent New Zealand we might see benefit on setting up a Xero NZ accounting package saving us both time and money. Accounting, in any form, is a service that requires precision. It must not be rushed. Sometimes, it may seem as if the accountant is taking too long to deliver a service, but this can usually be explained. There is no allowance for mistakes or failure of any sort in this business, and it is extremely important that all proper checks are done correctly. Any minor error could lead to unwanted effects for you, so we take our time. With this in mind, we will discuss the expected turnaround time with you, and we wlll ensure your accounts and reports are done on time. Due to the nature of New Zeeland accounting services and associated pricing, it really is in your best interest that you go for quality. Quality accounting is what we guarantee. Please reach out to us for any further enquiries and let us discuss how we can help you.