What are the benefits of a consultation?

Meet and Greet –

  • A consultation allows us to understand what is important to you, so that we can tailor our service to meet your expectations.
  • It is a perfect environment to share any concerns you may have about the accounting process, past experiences good or bad, and get our perspective on how we can manage things according to your needs and expectations.
  • Being a business owner myself, I have a real passion for working with other business owners guiding them through the various challenges common to most businesses.
  • • A property investor myself of over 25 years, working with clients who own investment property (new or seasoned investors) is also a very rewarding part of what I do.
  • We all have different personalities and it is important that you and your accountant can communicate clearly and be confident in each other to achieve the best result for you.

Clarity on specific issues

  • Often people reach out simply because they have a specific issue or area they need trusted advice in.

A consultation allows enough time for me to understand your concerns, share my initial thoughts and then subject to having enough information provide you some direction.


  • For anyone new or recently new to business or property investing a consultation can help highlight your responsibilities, the advantages of an accountant and how to best manage your requirements to minimize accountancy costs.

There are a number of things you can do to keep costs managed well, some things you may not wish to do, a good discovery session helps define who is best suited to the different aspects and responsibilities that need to be managed.

  Please note the cost of the discovery session will be credited against our first year fees if you become a client.

What else do I get?

Trusted competent advice.

If I don’t know, or the limited information I may have means I cannot provide clear answers, I will tell you so and not simply answer your question sounding knowledgeable but in reality, be totally inaccurate.

You are important to me and deserve nothing less than total competency. Together we will determine how best to have your queries clarified so you can trust the advice provided.

I operate my business on a ‘Fair’ and ‘Reasonable’ basis. This means the cost of the consultation is credited against your first-year accounting costs if you decide after completing a consultation to assign me to manage your annual accounts. (Note this does not apply to clients who pay their accounts by monthly instalments)

The cost of the our discovery session will be deducted from the first-year accounts fee if you decide to become a client. Otherwise non refundable.

Discovery consultations are a great way for you to find out for you if we are the right accountant for you. We charge $150 + GST for the consultation, this will be credited back to your first year accounts when you become a client.