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New Business Accountant in Auckland, New Zealand.

Starting a new business? Our Auckland, New Zealand based accountant with vast experience with new business accounting will set your business on the right track!

Whether you are starting a business from scratch, or buying an existing business. It is a huge undertaking psychological, socially and financially.

When buying a new business it is a good idea to involve an accountant in your Due Diligence period: An experienced business accountant form an opinion on weather the business accounts look fair and reasonable. We can also help you with a New Zealand new business acquisition due diligence checklist.

It is a reported 2017  statistic from the ANZ Bank at its “BIZ Hub” Training seminars that 89% of businesses fail in the first year. This is a startling statistic. Businesses don’t succeed for many many reasons.

The flip side of this is that 11% percent of new businesses in New Zealand do succeed and make a huge difference in the owner’s and their families and customer’s lives.

Successful businesses have a huge positive effect on the community and the world.

The question to ask is what are the 11% of the people doing that do succeed?

We at Citywide  business Accountants Auckland aim to help you along the path to success, help you work out a (financial) strategy and sustainable growth plans and projections for your new business in New Zealand.

It is important to ensure that you are well informed and equipped with all the tools you need to assist in a smooth start.

There are a number of links and resources available to help you research and plan for a potential business venture.

Most banks and government agencies have web pages dedicated to NZ New business start-up assistance.

Take time to view the ANZ Biz Hub website. They have valuable free seminars for ANZ business customers. The seminars are full of information and great place to start.

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Are you ready to start your new business and need accountant services?

Questions to Consider: Once you are ready to start a business it can be hard to know where to begin, and to know what the best options are. Most of the time the right setup from the start will save you in the long run. It is good to think about:

  • What type of business structure am going to choose; Sole trader, Company, Trust, or a more complicated NZ business accounting structure combining them? This choice will always be a trade-off between cost, tax reduction and asset protection.
  • What tax structure do I choose and what are the accounting implications on New Zealand gst, PAYE and income tax.
  • What steps are involved forming a New company. Do I need a new business accountant or solicitor?
  • How do I keep track of my financials? What about bank accounts? Do need an accounting package?
  • Do I need assistance? A business coach?
  • Do I need to join Chamber of commerce, a professional organisation or a business group?
  • Is a franchise a good way to start for myself and what do I have to pay attention to with franchises? It is always good to get your own independent accounting advice.

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Starting New Business Accounting, Auckland, New Zealand

At Citywide Accountants Auckland we will work with you to form the most suitable new business accounting structure to meet your needs at the best possible cost. That is where our experience giving accountant advice to lots of  small businesses will help.

  • We can provide you with the ideas and tools to help ensure that you meet all your tax and legal obligations in practical and helpful manner.
  • We can assist you in finding a good accounting package to fit your needs and budget as a small new business.
  • We will also provide you with some training to get you started.
  • Help on the software and how to gain the most from the chosen system to benefit you and your new New Zealand business.
  • We are also here to help with feasibility, new business growth and planning.

If you are buying an existing business, it is good to seek advice as to whether it is a worthwhile venture to purchase and if the price is reasonable. We can also give advice on the best New Zealand tax accounting structure for optimal tax benefit and can work with a new business lawyer to make sure you have the best legal protection in your new business. Come and have a chat to us in our accounting practice in the hart of Manurewa, South Auckland. Please make sure you have an adequate due diligence period to consult with your industry specialists, solicitor and business accountant to verify the  New business information handed to you. Our Auckland based accountants are here to provide you with advice and help understand and interpret the financial reports and accounts to provide an insight as to the new business’ financial viability. Long term accounting and business assistance and guidance after you acquired your New Zealand new business:

  • Regular Financial reviews are very important. What gets measured gets action-ed!
  • Key performance indicators  and comparison to other accounts in the same industry give an idea how your new business in New Zealand is doing and guide in decisions for investing, spending and business direction.
  • Cashflow and cashflow-prediction  is a fundamental and important part of the accounts of any new and ongoing business management.

At Citywide Accountants Auckland we would love to be part of your new venture in New Zealand: Click here to contact us or call Gerard on 09 266 8379 for your business accountant appointment  in Auckland about setting up your new business in New Zealand!