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Citywide Accountants is a Certified Xero Advisor.

We work with Xero accounting software New Zealand on a daily basis and are enthusiastic about the versatility, the ease of use and the Xero add ons that are available. As Xero agent NZ we are able to tailor Xero accounting software to your individual needs.

The general situation is, that you as client use the Xero for small business software to register your revenue and expenses in the correct way. This is done on the basis of your bank account details that we feed into your Xero Accounting Software. If there are things you are unsure about, you can either leave it blank or flag so we can have a look for you and discuss if necessary. We will give you Xero training at the start of your Xero journey. This really does not take long! Then, as your tax agent, we can access your details when there is GST to be submitted and/or at year end. As Xero Accounting NZ is a cloud accounting software, we all have access any time. This is done in a very secure way, with each having their own passwords.

5 Reasons why small businesses should use Xero NZ

Xero NZ being an online, in the cloud solution, you can enjoy seeing your kids play sports while keeping on top of your business’s finances. When professionally set up by us,  your accountant and certified NZ Xero agent even when traveling the world, you have online access to how your business is performing! Weather you do it on tablet, phone or laptop you have access to your business finances from anywhere, at any time an all different devices. The accounting software behind Xero New Zealand will help you run your business. With the added benefit, you can give access with specific restriction to people in your business and your accountant! Or even better; use your accountant to set it up properly. Having your New Zealand Xero certified accountant on top of your figures means he can help, guide, and assist you on running your business better based on the figures and help you minimize tax in New Zealand. Citywide accountants will be happy to assist you in setting up Xero NZ and consult with you on better ways to run your business.

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So what are 5 of the most important reasons to run Xero Accounting software:


1. Xero Accounting Software Collaboration

As a cloud based solutions, with Xero everyone works online form the same Ledger. Both you and your accountant, and maybe financial advisors or personnel work from the same base. This makes communications over the phone a lot easier when looking at the same information on both ends. So, no more exporting, saving, zipping and sending by email. The other side than has to unzip, import, run the reports again making sure they run it exactly as you did…. Running into problems because the file is to big to email. On top of that you are also working on current, up to date info. And you can share parts of the information on the cloud based Xero accounting solution with your peers, franchise holder, business coach, investors as a temporary or permanent solution.

2. Xero NZ can issue invoicing Online

Cashflow is a very important part of your business. With Xero you can issue the invoice on the spot, and send it by email to the client while saving on cost of paper and postage. Xero accounting software even can send an email with the invoice attached, or a link to your client where he can see the invoice online. You can see status if he received and opened the link…This can be linked to an online pay system making it easy and promoting fast payment. As certified Xero NZ agents we can help you configuring these functionalities.

3. Xero assists in running your accounts.

Xero has a number of smart, built in functionalities to help you, and your accountant more productive. Even when you are away on holiday or business travel. In this way, Xero saves time and money for your business. To name only two of them: Xero Invoicing has a module that sends out automated Invoice Reminders that will be send out on times predefined by you. We think that if your customers sometimes “forget” to pay on time, or you feel you have to chase overdue invoices all the time, then we recommend implementing Invoice Reminders. Based on your settings, it can send a reminder when Invoices will become due and or are due, and if invoices have not been paid send a statement of accounts and/or reminder. Your accountant and Xero implementation specialist can use some really smart tricks to update and verify your account saving ours of work. For example, there is a brilliant find a d replace functionality that can update your records all at once in no time. Saving you lots of time when someone has made a continuous mistake coding record due to a misinterpretation.

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4. Location Independent

As Xero is a cloud based, accessed through the internet accounting package with an easy to use interface, you can work on your business anywhere, anytime. Xero accounting software has also been designed to run smoothly from Whether you want to use your smartphone or tablet, or your PC or Mac, Xero lets you keep on top of your business finances wherever you are. All information is updated in realtime meaning that everyone in your business can look at the same up to date figures at the same time.

5.  Xero NZ: Scalability and integration

Whether you’re just starting in business, or you already run a number of businesses using use different accounting systems, Xero accounting platform’s ecosystem can integrate. Xero works with more than 500 other accounting packages, bank systems and software so you can design you own tailored solution. A few examples of possible integration: Email integration with Gmail or Microsoft Office 365, Specialised email marketing tools, online shops and inventory tracking software. Xero add-on market place will assist in designing a solution that suits your business environment.

Citywide Accountants is based in Manurewa, and services the wider Auckland area  We meet in Botany, Manurewa, Manukau and Pukekohe and South Auckland, West Auckland and North Shore face to face. We can come to you or you can visit us in our Manurewa office. We do also have clients in other parts of New Zealand, Australia and worldwide with either property or business interest in New Zealand: We communicate with them over the phone, by email or Skype.

If would like to know more about how we can help you running a better business with Xero NZ accounting software, contact us on 09 299 1000